Your Costs / Savings

With our drying systems we can often save you 50% to 75% over other companies!



• One of the most misunderstood variables in any job is cost.


• In the water disaster field our job is to keep your home or business functioning, to keep you in a safe environment and to keep your costs down.


• Would you rather have your home or business and contents dried within 5 days in place, or a complete tearing out of all wet materials and reconstruction taking sometimes months to complete.


• As a business owner compare your productivity loss and the safety of your employees: a few days drying out your building or weeks, even months, as reconstruction takes place.


• The use of specialty equipment and knowledge makes the initial drying process a little higher but our overall cost will be 50% to 75% less than those companies that focus on unnecessary tear out.

Our expertise is Drying in Place.

This is a new concept requiring knowledge of construction materials and how they hold and release moisture in the air and surrounding materials. New technology is constantly being developed to dry materials faster and safer than previously thought possible.

We dry so fast mold cannot grow.